Mac to the Future GO! Livecast Episode 39: Kick em in the Notch

So we sound like chipmunks because of audio issues and our prank call to a tech scammer didn’t work out, but we still had fun!

Kick em in the Notch!…

The League S9 for some reason has included an iPhone X-ish design element. While imitators of the iPhone is hardly new, why would that extend to the notch at the top of the phone? They also have a similar camera layout as the iPhone X. Another Chinese company that is taking the imitation look to a whole new level is the Chinese brand Boway which throwing caution to the wind calls their EXY (sorry, sexy) notchy phone…the Notch

Will Shaq get a cut? Apple makes a big purchase and buys Shazam for a rumored 400 million US dollars. Since Shazam already works with Siri, the question is why buy it when the functionality is already there? One rather ominous opinion is that it’s take remove that functionality from competing music services like Spotify Patreon patronizes patently patriotic pursuers of payment.

iOS 11.2.1 released with the HomeKit bug apparently fixed. Apple originally just disabled it to prevent access but theis update restores it. tvOS 11.2.1 was released too and is probably related to the same issue.

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