Mac to the Future GO! Livecast Episode 38: There’s open and then there’s open


OS X 10.13.2 released along with new version of iTunes
This release fixes bugs related to USB devices, Voiceover for PDFs in Preview, and improves compatibility of Braille displays in Mail…YAWN

iTunes 12.7.2
• Apps: Looking for your past iOS app downloads? Learn how to redownload apps on your iOS device.
• iTunes U: Collections of iTunes U content appear in the Podcasts section of iTunes.
• Internet Radio: Your Internet Radio stations appear in your music library’s sidebar. Click Edit in the sidebar to show or hide Internet Radio.
• Ringtones: iOS 11 supports redownloading ringtones directly to your iOS device, without the need to use iTunes on your Mac or PC.
• Books on Windows: Books on iTunes for Windows are managed in iBooks for iOS. Learn how to redownload books on an iOS device.

EU out rules in favor of Apple over Xiaomi’s Mi Pad

Amazon Prime video app now available on AppleTV

US Senators upset with Tim Cook over speech in China

Democrat Senator Leahy of Vermont and Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas have expressed their displeasure of Cook’s remarks at the World Internet Conference in China where Tim Cook was quoted as saying…

“The theme of this conference — developing a digital economy for openness and shared benefits — is a vision we at Apple share,” Cook said. “We are proud to have worked alongside many of our partners in China to help build a community that will join a common future in cyberspace.”

In response Senator Leahy said…

“American tech companies have become leading champions of free expression. But that commitment should not end at our borders…Global leaders in innovation, like Apple, have both an opportunity and a moral obligation to promote free expression and other basic human rights in countries that routinely deny these rights.”

“Apple is clearly a force for good in China, but I also believe it and other tech companies must continue to push back on Chinese suppression of free expression,” Leahy said.

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