Mac to the Future GO! Livecast Episode 29: Enter the Sklar

In the wake of a brand new iPhone with the model X or 10, what might Apple do with a device that runs essentially the same OS but is its much bigger cousin, the iPad? Also asked by Patrick Dillion…”Maybe talk about changes in MacOS Photo app. Is it just a layout change or are there new tools?” Edit and trim Live photos though you still need 3rd party software to export as a GIF like LiveGif (…) or Lively (…). Both are $1.99 though Lively is a free download with in-app purchases.


Mac to the Future GO! Episode 23

A few days after the eclipse which Guy ad his wife went to but had to return home the same day leaves him exhausted but exuberant over watching. Crashplan closing down their consumer department leaves users scrambling and High Sierra will leave users of older versions of Apple software high and dry. Lastly when is a hack not really a hack”

Mac to the Future GO! Episode 22: Eclipsed

No drama Tonight. How about instead some resources for the upcoming eclipse! Also a listener question!