About Us

Our Approach to Podcasting

It should be fun. Here's the deal, most people aren't looking for truly instructive types of podcasts. They want to be entertained. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be entertained while driving to or from work, picking up the kids from soccer practice, or while on your way to a yoga lesson. We get that and we want to be one of those types of podcasts for you. If what you want is a deep dive into tech, politics, or advanced napkin folding, well you should probably go someplace else.

Our Story

For some time in relation to the "Mac to the Future" FaceBook page (Link here: Silly FaceBook Group), Guy, Ed, Warren, and a few others have talked about creating a podcast for the group and the various ways this could be accomplished. The current thinking is a FaceBook Live chat that can be repurposed into an audio and video podcast. Having people listen, watch, and hopefully comment live. This can help expand the group which is a fun group to be with. Some pretty smart cookies (and Guy) reside there with a mostly non-judgy attitude (mostly) so you should also go join there.

Meet the Team

So here are the people generally involved in planning this out...God help us all


Guy Serle

Editor and Podcaster

Many years doing the MyMac Podcast (still going strong!) with Gazmaz. Guy is the Big Yank Tank and he's the Nitwit Brit!


Ed Isen

A Dude!


Bio to come

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 8.55.08 PM

Warren Sklar

Another Dude!


Bio to come